25 February 2013

OpenDocument interoperability test workshop(demo) in Japan

First LibreOffice Local Conference has been done yesterday. It is first conference even if we add our days.That is really meaningful. Reviler may be say that this community is still small but we know we did which we were not able to do before.Our Community is growing and growing.

I am really really happy to spending time with all of them. I appreciated to all of the people who made that conference especially Mr. Omori and Mr. Ogasawara who arranged. The Document Foundation Board of Directors Mr. Italo who came beyond space and time through the technology. Mr. Kohei Yoshida, He brought real core-developer voices from U.S . A half of members live over 500km far from that place but came .
Thank you for wonderful day and Let us do International Conference someday.

You can see videos from  here (add 6/3/2012).

On that conference, I described OpenDocument , ODF Plugfest and explain interoperability test. I wanted to do workshop style interoperability test but only few people have laptop so just demonstration with Mr.Ogasawara and Mr.Kamataki who is NPO Users Group Japan director . We picked up test YEARFRAC function which provide by Mr.Rob in ODF Plugfest (Spain) 2010-04-09 .
unfortunately the results of test are not all green. see results from page 25. We need to recheck that expected value and result.( result summary: LibreOffice/Apache OpenOffice/Google Drive/Zoho have some fault. KOffice/GnomeOffice/MS Office have not any fault.)

Check issue tracker and Feedback

It is not finish yet. Our goal is to get real interoperability. First step, I reported pure results to two cloud services and searched two issue tracker.

  • Zoho : Reported 25/Feb/2013
  • Google Drive : Reported 26/Feb/2013
  • Apache OpenOffice: i93534 , i74069
  • LibreOffice : #40100

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