17 January 2012

IPA Fonts MSI Package v3.0

Upload my IPA Fonts MSI Package v3.0: IPA Fonts are high quality Japanese outline fonts developed by Information-Technology Promotion Agency, Japan(IPA). It is released under the IPA Font license(OSS license).

I packaged this fonts to .msi file for easy deployment to computers in a network through Active Directory by group policy.

You can download from  here

Difference between v2.0 and v3.0
  • Add new font : IPAmj Mincho 001.01
  • Replace IPA fonts: 003.02 to 003.03
For LibreOffice User:
There is a issue for Japanese fonts that LibreOffice recognize the font  name in English on Windows English version. but on Japanese version, it is recognized the font name in Japanese.If you give the OpenDocument file which you made to Japanese user, you should set the both name in formatting.

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