29 December 2011

Localization Testing - Access key mnemonics -

 The characters assigned as key mnemonics in the East Asian language are capitalized, enclosed within parenthesis, and positioned at the end of the translated string. Even when a key mnemonic appears within words or acronyms which are not translated or transliterated into the target the key mnemonic should be relocated to the end of the string and enclosed within parenthesis for consistency.

I checked Japanese and Taiwanese version and found this kind of issues in LibreOffice. Basically this issues are possible to fix in po files from pootle server. but You have to jump into source code if can not find [~] mark in there. On this explore , sometimes I also find duplicated key too.

For example, There are capitalized issues(It is really typical issues). and this dialog contain another issue. Do you find it? yes key [A] is duplicated. If you find this kind of issue. You should not fix on the po file.You should fix in English first then fix it on your language.
Before fix
After Fix

Let us fix this kind of issues !

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